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    About Us

    Alterego, we are the company that carries the objective of helping clients with the best consultancy and allied services in the field of Information Technology. With a rich experience of supporting clients spread across several domains, we are in the process of continuous evolution. Every new project adds to our knowledge base, and we serve the clients with further perfection. IT consultancy, remote and onsite infrastructure management, software solutions, system integration, and audit; you name the service, and we have it.

    With a rich cross-functional team that has an excellent grip over cross-domain knowledge, we assure best in the class IT consulting solutions and services. Our aim is to leverage technology up to the best extent. When we get an opportunity to serve our clients, the perfect blend of technology and business is offered so that you get the best value for money. With a new perspective on IT infrastructure management and solution design, Alterego stands distinctly in the competitive scenario.

    Qualities that outshine us

    • Our solutions give equal precedence to availability and performance. They are dynamic and evolving to the rapidly changing business environment.
    • We work towards excellence and strive hard to offer solutions that supersede the expectations of our customers.
    • A rich experience of providing IT services brings perfection in deliverables.
    • IT service, support or software solution; we believe in providing ‘better than the best.’
    • Ability to think beyond customer requirements.

    Alterego is a truly global IT Service company that offers value-added products to the clients. With a strong belief in establishing a long-term relationship with clients, we bring incredible performance throughput by offering solutions that are flexible, innovative and based on efficient delivery models. With a better understanding of business needs, we deliver more than promised. We bring swift, flexible, and agile business solutions to help our clients.

    Business Approach

    What we believe is, one can match the products and services regarding functionality but it is hard to match the people and culture. A company that stands heads and shoulders ahead about these two aspects can establish a successful, long-term business relationship with clients. Team Alterego has proved that trust, collaboration, and understanding of business make a significant difference.

    We are sensitive towards the needs of our clients. Simple, workable solutions by us are cost-friendly and effective.

    We believe in partnership

    Alterego believes that providing services and products to the clients is not merely a client-vendor relationship. Rather, it is a business partnership where both parties get benefited. Each member of the team carries the similar ideology. When we talk about partnership, it is based on three important parameters:

    High values

    When we talk about partnership, high levels of trust and understanding are the basic building blocks of it. We keep complete transparency in dealings so that we share the same values and mission. It is very important to be on the same page. We believe that honesty is the policy which can achieve it.

    Offering business opportunities to clients

    When we work for clients, our approach is to build such a robust IT platform that not only meets their existing business needs but helps in exploring new business grounds. Whether it is a software solution or infrastructure maintenance assignment, our solutions make them confident and optimistic about facing new business challenges.

    Fostering for a Win-Win relationship

    Alterego firmly believes that any relationship should bring business benefits to all stakeholders. When we partner with the clients, our aim is to offer products and services that open new business avenues and enhance business efficiency. At the same time, we do not compromise on profitability and business growth. Intelligent, amicable solutions offered by us have been successful so far because of this approach.

    IT services are the backbone of modern business scenario. Due to increasing costs of operations and ever-changing technology, managing IT is a tough job. However, when expert service providers like us are there to help you out, it is as simple as ABC!

    Due to the simplicity of operations and complete ownership of IT solutions, AlterEgo has established a distinct place in the field of IT support. Our approach of providing self-sufficient, low maintenance solutions makes IT a business enabler for you!

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