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    Custom Software

    In the fiercely competitive business environment today, you need operational efficiency. With a rich experience and emphasis on quality, we are capable of developing robust IT solutions. We bring the best value for money and provide solutions that put your business on a high pedestal of business growth. We blend technology and creativity to churn out modules that are not only capable of working across platforms, but easy to use also.

    AlterEgo Technology brings a variety of customized software solutions for small, medium and big enterprises. Our solutions support multiple platforms, and the software modules are suitable for varied business requirements of yours. Our team specializes in understanding user requirements precisely and developing software packages using the state-of-the-art application concepts. We have served the needs of cross-functional needs of varied level of complexity.

    We have been successful because of the ability to get tuned to the business needs. Our approach is flexible, and we believe in time-tested methodology. You achieve excellent business results by gaining a competitive edge after implementing solutions developed by Alterego.

    custom software

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      • Document Management System
      • Audio Portal
      • Mail Requisition System
      • Project & Work Tracker System

      Bring solutions centered on client’s business strategy

      At Alterego, we don’t want you to adjust the waist size according to the trouser we provide. Rather, we adjust ourselves as per your needs. Our experts understand your business strategy, goals, processes, and procedures. Each module is designed in line with them so that the final product gets well with your business operations.

      When each customer is unique and so are their requirement specifications, how can the development strategy could be the same? At Alterego, we analyze the requirements first and then decide appropriate development strategy. It makes each of our products exclusive.

      Our strength is our team

      You need a competent team with a thorough understanding of software concepts and business operations to churn out excellent business solutions. At AlterEgo, we have genius minds that are amongst the best in the industry. Each one carries a rich experience of handling complex software development projects. Hence, you should rest assured about the product quality and perfection. We use the state-of-the-art technology with utmost ease. Efficient development and implementation result in world-class products at affordable rates.

      Why Custom Development?

      Every business is unique. You can’t expect that generic software fulfills every need of it. Moreover, business is dynamic, and there are constant changes happening in and around. The software solution should be capable of incorporating the same. With highly customized solutions offered by AlterEgo, things become pretty simple for you. We offer customized software modules for your business requirement that are so dynamic and flexible that it gets seamlessly adapted to the change in the business operations. Our experts use profound application design and development skills right from system analysis to implementation. Whether we develop a web-based solution or conventional one, it brings total business transformation. It is out guarantee.

      Top-notch custom application development based on open-source or proprietary tools result in scalable and reliable software to contribute to your immediate and long-term needs. When you want to keep pace with the fast-changing business requirements, we are there to help. You successfully overcome the challenges of business reorganization, diversification, expansion, and changing customer expectations by using software by us.

      Desktop applications

      We develop crisp and lightweight desktop applications that work offline and do not use network bandwidth. Since they quickly go offline, you have easy to use, rich applications that work with incredible speed. You have faster file access and instantaneous sync. When we apply our industry wide experience and expertise in developing desktop applications for you, the result is matchless. We translate business processes into handy and easy-to-use modules and sub-modules that can be used even when you don’t have the Internet connectivity.

      Web-based applications

      It required a web browser to run the application. We create efficient browser-supported software using state-of-the-art technology. They bring superb convenience and speed. Since the applications are hosted on web servers, it is quite easy to maintain and update them. You are relieved from the hassles of maintaining servers and data centers. Our multi-platform compatible software modules are popular for stability and reliability. A long list of clientele proves the quality and affordability of software solutions offered by Alterego.

      What are we specialized into?

      At Alterego, we are specialized in developing software modules for a variety of functions. We help clients in managing all facets of the business such as customers, human resources, inventory, and accounts. Whether you are a small proprietary company or a large business house, we fill the operational gaps with industry-class software solutions. Whether it is a software development from the scratch or redesign of the existing system; what you get is unmatched perfection.

      Assign the software development task to us and experience the excellence. We keep your business at the forefront by providing top-class, innovative solutions.

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