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    Oasis – Hospital Management System

    Oasis, the multipurpose and versatile Hospital Management System (HMS) by Alterego has been developed with the intention of enabling doctors, paramedical staff, and support people so that they can serve the patients better. The system optimizes operations and improves operational efficiency. With user-friendly design and powerful yet flexible modules, it brings great benefits to the clients. The software is suitable for all users ranging from small clinics to multispecialty hospitals. When you implement an integrated, end-to-end management system, managing hospital is unbelievably easy.

    The modular, easy-to-use software is developed by a team that knows the details of hospital management. The development team has taken utmost care to make it customer-centric without compromising the efficiency aspect. Centralized control an integrated design assures better control. Hospital staff finds it helpful in managing operations and middle and top management use it for effective decision making.

    HMS Benefits

    Electra enables your team to serve their hospital in a better manner


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      The success of a healthcare organization largely depends on standardization of operations and the minimum dependency on the knowledge and expertise of employees. When you implement state-of-the-art HMS by AlterEgo, it evolves your hospital to the new levels of operational efficiency. As you make operations fully automated and standardized, minimum human intervention is needed to carry out operations. Once the processes and procedures are in place, you need to change configurations to incorporate environmental changes. Expanding the services to a new area or adding new functionality to the existing setup is as easy as ABC.

      Electra is a trusted solution for healthcare units of small, medium or large size. Rest assured that you have a reliable and fully configurable system in place.

      Stringent cost control

      Running a healthcare system or hospital is highly cost-centric. You need to pour in huge money where a good chunk of it goes into consumable items and medicines. The size of the inventory is enormous, and it is spread across a big area. By implementing a robust HMS, you have a close watch on the proceedings. Material movement and stock transfer can be tracked and verified regularly. It brings operational efficiency, accuracy, and significant cost-control. Intentional or unintentional leakages get capped, reducing the possibility of revenue leakage.

      Make the hospital paperless

      When the competitors make their organization paperless and use it an opportunity to market their services, you can’t afford to follow age-old methods. Implementing HMS by Alterego brings high levels of operational excellence. You make complete operations paperless and highly efficient. The modular design and excellent compatibility across devices make our HMS highly useful. Well-designed user interface brings ease of use. Easy customization of clinical forms makes it ideal software for doctors and the paramedical staff.

      Effective financial management

      Managing finance and tracking profitability are two very important aspects from the point of view of higher management. Right from automated calculation of payments to bill processing and invoicing to financial reporting; you have everything just away a few clicks.

      Other than transactional benefits, HMS brings a superior control over profitability and growth analysis by providing comprehensive, elaborated MIS reports. Data analysis and report generation are user-friendly and configurable. MIS requirements of middle and top management get fulfilled by the long array of ready-to-use reports. However, it is also possible to create user-defined reports as well. Data range, fields, and grouping can be chosen from the drop-down menus. Business intelligence tool makes excellent business visualization to display the data.

      It makes hospital stay management better

      Maintaining clinical and medical record is quite difficult in the hospital. Since it is an important knowledge repository, HMS by Alterego offers a robust module to take care of it. The module manages loads of medical examinations, diagnostic reports, treatment history and results. The module brings at-a-glance access to the complete medical history. Cost-effective and efficient patient care is possible by implementing the module.

      Ten reasons you should go for Oasis

      Oasis, HMS by Alterego is the one-stop solution for your hospital management needs. Here are top nine reasons you should own it:

      • It is a multi-faceted solution for a single location or multi-center hospitals.
      • It uses the state-of-the-art technology.
      • Highly advanced EMR module with customization.
      • Easy to use and quick to implement. From installation to training and go-live; you finish it off quite fast.
      • It is an affordable, cost-effective solution.
      • Management and upgrades are easy.
      • Highly integrated and robust design that brings great productivity enhancement.
      • Flexible and adaptable software.
      • Compatible with multiple platforms.

      When you own a hospital or healthcare unit, use the capabilities of the staff in offering the best services and treatment to the patients. Make the staff free from routine, operational things that suck their productivity. Implement HMS in the organization and take the business to new heights.

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