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    Oasis – Material Management System

    Managing material is always crucial, irrespective of the size and type of your industrial setup. Efficiency in ordering the material and maintaining the right inventory levels determine the profitability of the processes. In large companies, it is not possible to have at-a-glance idea about it unless a material management system is in place.

    Optimal planning, procurement, storage, and movement of material could be a daunting thing if it isn’t supported by a robust system. Since Material Management needs perfect synchronization and collaboration between multiple functions, the chances of jeopardy are high if there is no control. Here are the biggest roadblocks that hamper efficiency and effectiveness.

    • Poor identification of material is the biggest threat. Whether you own a manufacturing unit or processing industry, classification of every item (and finished or semi-finished goods) is the first and foremost thing. You can’t even imagine effective inventory control without it. Improper identification and poor nomenclature result in heaps of raw material accumulated in the warehoused and shop floors. Obviously it is a big loss!

    • Duplication of items is another big challenge when you try to do material management without a proper system. Regardless of the size of the inventory, there are cases of concerned people not knowing about the material that is lying idle for years. Either it should be used or written off from the stocks to reduce the waste.

    • Supply chain inventory goes haywire if the system is not in place. In organizations, where inventory grabs the large chunk of the pie in the operational costs, controlling supply chain is critical.

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        How to procure the best material management system?

        Choosing the best material management system is always a challenge. Don’t get lured by unrealistic promises even if there are numerous options around. Since material management involves is a big ticket item; you can’t take the risk of deploying a solution that lands you nowhere.

        • Pick a solution that suits the best to your industry. It should be in tune with the IT setup, internal and external processes, and not a generic one. Material management needs are quite specific, and a product designed for automobile manufacturing may not be suitable for a fertilizer industry. Software designed for discrete processing is not fit for a batch processing environment.
        • Decide the scope of the operations. Do you need software that is just an inventory management system or a robust system that covers the entire supply chain management cycle? Choosing an inappropriate system may lead to loss of efficiency and increase in costs.
        • How much money have you kept aside for it? Yes, the cost is certainly an inhibiting aspect in the decision-making process. Software choices that go in line with your IT infrastructure should be the first preference if you don’t want to spend extra. However, if you have deep pockets, then the sky is the limit.
        • Consult the expert if you are confused. As they say, “Ask, don’t guess”; you should give a buzz to someone who knows everything about it. After all, you can’t expect to have a Material Management Guru in your team always.
        • If possible, talk to the existing users once you condense on a few products. It gives a fair idea about your selection. User feedback should validate your perception.

        Why Oasis?

        We bring an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and versatile system that make material management as simple as ABC. Oasis, the customizable software can suit the needs of your company. We have tested and proven software that can be implemented in a wide variety of business scenarios. Oasis has been designed to remove the common challenges in Material Management, as mentioned earlier.

        Oasis, the Material Management System by Alterego is one of its kinds that make the complex material management operations simple. With a substantial increase in the efficiency and accuracy, it assures high quality of production. The system is flexible and configurable to accommodate the change in the environment. A few distinct qualities that make it special:

        • Quick response time:Oasis is optimized for faster processing and reduced response time. It is better than the competitive solutions.

        • Paperless Office: It is a modular, workflow-based system to eliminate the requirement of manual work and paper-based operations. It is possible to achieve the objective of a Green Office by implementing Oasis.

        • Versatility: Oasis can be implemented as a standalone system or in integration with the Enterprise Resource Planning System.

        • Improvement in the production efficiency: Better material management is the key to highly efficient, accurate and robust production process. Oasis makes it possible.

        • Reduces waste: Better control over inventory eliminates the unnecessary burden on the inventory. It is possible to quickly identify and right off the unwanted stuff.

        Oasis from Alterego is essential for your organization when a full-proof Material Management System is solicited.

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