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    Oasis – Visitor Management System

    Do you still maintain registers and diaries to keep track of visitors? In the modern era of technology where automation is the buzzword, improvement should start from the front office. It is the first point of interaction where customers and clients build a perception about you. When the front office is state-of-the-art and smart, it reflects your determination towards acceptance towards modern technology.

    If you think that Visitor Management System is not required in your organization, then it is an incorrect assumption in the techno-savvy world today. It is a necessity in the modern world, not a luxury. With the increasing threats to the safety and security of your premises, it is incredibly important to keep a track of visitor movement. It is not sufficient to maintain physical access registers. You need system-based, automated visitor management system that is easy to access and manage. Well-developed software by Alterego makes your organization secure from unauthorized access or intrusion.

    Why do you need an automated VMS by Alterego?

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        When the world is moving fast forward by making use of technology, you can’t remain a laggard. Recognizing visitors by making entries in a register is like using stone-age devices in the modern era. Uplift the organization by using state-of-the-art, modern and sophisticated VMS brought to you by Alterego. Bring supreme levels of professionalism in the system and face the compliance challenges without any hassles. The system is robust, multipurpose and modular which can be seamlessly integrated with other peripheral systems. The highly interactive solution goes much beyond just managing and recording visitor information.

        We bring a comprehensive system that not only improves the work efficiency but systemizes the way you manage visitors. There are no manual errors and delays. Front-desk operators get relieved from laborious manual operations. The system makes your visitor management reliable, secure and audit compliant.

        Our system is simple, easy to use yet robust and well-secured VMS for corporate clients of all sizes, manufacturing units, service industries, hospitals, research centers and much more. Our system is ideal for IT parks, Technology Centers, Convention Centers, and residential complex as well. Visitor registration and management, badge control and reporting module are the three basic building blocks of our system.

        Why do you need VMS by Alterego?

        Visitor management is one of the critical most aspects of operational management nowadays. Tracking the movement of people who come into the premises and go outside should be tracked using a robust system which doesn’t have loop holes. System-controlled management is always robust and powerful. Here are a few distinctive benefits of Implementing Visitor Management System:

        • Better tracking of visitor inflow-outflow
        • Improved visitor verification process
        • Improved Resource Management
        • Categorization and segregation of visitors
        • Access control and enhanced security
        • Elimination of mundane manual system
        • Visitor badge management
        • Highly efficient Check-in and Check-out process
        • Intrusion control
        • Quick visitor information
        • Storage of photographs and Biometric information

        Three key features of VMS

        Alterego is dedicated for development of user-friendly, comprehensive Visitor Management System that not only makes operational work easy but brings incredible improvement in the system. The key features are:

        1. Managing Appointment:The system offers an excellent interface for appointment management so that the task of security and front desk get reduced. Employees needn’t be called again and again when the visitors are at the reception. Configuring appointment keeps the concerned people informed about it. The workflow-based system ensures that those who are supposed to know about it are in the loop. The system can be integrated to conference room booking or meeting room reservation as well. Managing appointment is the trickiest of the operational tasks. Hence, let our efficient module handle it on your behalf.

        2. Badge management:Visitor badge gives an identity to the person coming from outside. Sophisticated access-based visitor badges prevent people from entering the restricted areas. Configurable badges facilitate entry and exit for the predefined duration. Reuse of badge saves valuable resources. The system creates a new entry in the database every time a badge is prepared. Digital camera takes the snap and attaches the soft copy to the record for future reference. Since demographics are attached to the record, backtracking is quite simple.

        3. MIS:Reports are the crux of a Visitor Management System. VMS by Alterego brings a plethora of transactional and management reports that help HR people in establishing a fantastic control over the system. Transactional reports are useful in checking and reconciling visitor movement whereas high-level MIS reports can be used for improving the system efficiency and effectiveness. A long list of tailor-made reports fulfills the MIS needs of your company. However, there is a possibility of making configurable reports if you wish so.

        Call Alterego for a robust and best-in-the-class Visitor Management System that stands your organization heads and shoulders above the competition.

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